Event App Success Story: JiveWorld 2013 Conference

Jive Software is a pioneer and leader enterprise social networking solutions. JiveWorld is their annual customer conference, offering an opportunity for global users to learn how to get more out of the Jive platform from the company, and from peers. JiveWorld attracts the most tech-savvy, mobile-oriented segment of the workforce: men and women between the ages of 20 and 40.

After spending a lot of time understanding the event’s goals and objectives, and getting up close and personal with attendee profiles and expectations, QuickMobile, Jive and the gamification experts at BunchBall set about designing an immersive and entertaining mobile experience that was sure to win the hearts of the JiveWorld audience. The game had attendees competing for honor, glory and great prizes throughout the entire event, and the JiveWorld event app served as the game board.

“At the end of the day, the app is the single most important source of information and communication at JiveWorld,” says Ryan Rutan, Jive’s Developer Evangelist. “It keeps people up to date on what’s going on, both at the event and with each other. It helps them network and get connected, and it helps them have fun. On our side, the app helps us project an innovative, fun and cutting-edge image while increasing audience engagement, reducing costs and providing a data-driven perspective on audience behavior at our event. There’s a lot riding on this app for everyone involved.”