Event App Analytics Help Improve your Event in Real-Time

One of the great things about mobile event apps is that they offer a window into your attendees’ minds. How many times have you wished that you knew what your attendees thought of your event? Which session they enjoyed the most? How they’re networking?

In the past, you might have hired a market research company to capture this data and analyze it all for you, but there was no way for you to get this event intelligence while your conference was still happening. It’s all valuable information that could help next year’s event, but can’t help your provide a better experience to your attendees while they’re still at this year’s conference.

This is why mobile and audience response technology are so powerful. By utilizing the analytics tool of your mobile event app, you gain amazing insights into how your event is doing and what your attendees think of it in real-time. This gives you the unique opportunity to make onsite adjustments to your event that can positively impact your attendee’s experience. Here are a few suggestions:

Amount of networking

Event app analytics help you assess how much networking is being done at your event. This tool shows you how many attendees are exchanging contact information, connecting with like-minded people, or scheduling meetings using the app. This can help you figure out the kind of networking that’s being done at your conference. If it looks like there are a lot of scheduled meetings, you can help facilitate these face-to-face interactions by setting up an impromptu space with plenty of tables and chairs, and snacks and drinks nearby.

Make learning flexible

Use analytics to find out which sessions are being added to the most personal itineraries and then, cross-reference these with the session surveys attendees are using the event app to fill out. Choose a few standout sessions that would be worthy of an encore slot, update the in-app schedule with these new sessions, and send all your attendees a push notification to let them know they have a second chance to catch that much-talked about presentation.

Pay attention to surveys and polls

Mix up your event content with surveys and polls designed to get feedback from attendees that you can immediately action on. Getting complaints that there aren’t enough water stations? Have water bottles available in every presentation room. Someone say that the first keynote had lousy sound? Now you know to do a thorough sound check before the next one. If you can show that you’re listening to your attendees’ feedback, they will have a better experience at your event and will likely come back for next year’s!

If you’d like more tips on event app analytics, check out this free Top 10 Insights Revealed by Event App Analytics!

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