Don’t Let Attendees Miss Out on Your Event App

I have attended numerous events in the last few years, from conferences to seminars to outdoor musical festivals, and of those events, almost all of them had apps. Regrettably, I didn’t use the event apps offered. Knowing what I know now, I realize how much I missed out on by not using an event app. So how can you, as a meeting and event planner, ensure your attendees are aware of the value they’ll get from your app and don’t miss out like I did?


1. Promote, promote and promote some more!

The promotion of an event begins months ahead of time. This is a great opportunity to also start promoting your app. You can easily include a plug for your app in the event promotional materials. For example, let attendees know your event app is now available for download from the App Store, Google Play or via a web browser.

Don’t stop there; continue promoting it during the event. Mention your app during the opening keynote and even include a quick demonstration of it. In addition, have speakers remind attendees to download the app during their presentations – your speakers are the best source to promote your event app. It should also be easy for attendees to download your event app. Provide direct links to the app, create custom links, or have QR codes throughout the event attendees can easily scan.


2. Show attendees why they need your event app

Despite your best efforts to promote your app, there are still going to be a few skeptics. In many cases its because they don’t see the need for the app. Make it so that your attendees really need to download it. For example, let them know that there will be no paper handouts during the event, and all event resources can be found exclusively on your event app, or demonstrate how your app can assist with networking. Anything on your event app that will be of value to your attendees should be clearly communicated.


3. Add incentives for using your event app

All is fair in love and events, right? A great way to spark an interest in downloading your event app is by turning it into a friendly competition using gamification. Give points for certain actions attendees can take in your app, such as bookmarking a document, posting a photo, or checking in at vendor booths.

At the end of the conference, the person with the most points wins a prize. Some event hosts have given away a trip as the prize! People are often driven by incentives, so offering a tangible prize for participating in your event app will increase app downloads.

Improving your event app adoption

As you can see, once you’ve created your event app, whether or not attendees will download it is out of your hands. However, you can take the above steps to improve the likelihood of attendees downloading, and benefitting from, your event app.

Whether you’re a meeting and event planner or an attendee, we want to hear from you! Let us know your ideas for higher event app adoption rates by commenting below or tweeting us at @QuickMobile.


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