Designing an Engaging Incentive Trip App

The goal of an incentive program is to stimulate the engagement and performance of employees. Studies have shown that respondents prefer travel over any other type of reward. By leveraging app technology, you can improve your guests’ engagement with incentive programs and design the perfect experience:

Get Them Excited About the Location

Use your activity feed to create excitement about the travel destination by posting pictures of your venue and the city along with your text updates.This is the first thing people will see as they login to the app and will build anticipation for attendees before they arrive at the destination. You can also share documents that show attendees planned activities, or start forums for them to discuss what they most want to do upon arrival.

Encourage Attendees to Post Photos

Encourage your guests to share their photos in the app gallery—pictures of food, excursions, and team photos are a big hit, especially when attendees are looking back on their experiences at the end of the day. Having mementos of their memories all in one accessible place will remind your attendees of how much fun they had.

Create In-App Games to Motivate

Recognition and reward are the top of the list when it comes to motivating your guests at an incentive trip. What better way to do this than introducing in-app games designed to be fun, yet competitive? Create a leaderboard to show attendees’ standings, reward winners with bonus trips or gifts—depending on your theme, there are many ways that you can get creative with this.

Ask Attendees for Feedback

Set up a survey page to solicit feedback from your attendees. A great idea is also to have them post ideas for what they would like to see or do next time. This is great fodder for you to start brainstorming for the next trip, and could be a good metric to include in your post-event debrief, depending on your results.


An incentive trip strategy that is designed with the mobile app component in mind will help you reach your goals more efficiently. By leveraging aspects of the app to motivate your guests, you can create a memorable experience where they can unwind, relax, and come back inspired.

Check out our 15 Tactics for Incentive Travel App Design video if you want to learn more. You can also download our white paper that dives deeper into the topic.

Have you recently hosted or attended an incentive trip? Have other ideas about ways to use mobile technology? We would love to hear all about it! Tweet us @quickmobile or leave a comment below.


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