Creative Ways Event Planners Have Used an Event App

3 Examples of Event App Innovation

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There are standard ways to use an event app, but there are always methods to get creative with your tech.

I think we can agree that mobile apps are wonderful for boosting engagement and productivity at events. In-app surveys, PDF documents, and attendee profiles are great opportunities for attendees to engage with your content, speakers, and each other. But ultimately, an event app is a tool that works for you. That means there is a lot of room for creativity as you define how exactly it will work for your event and your objectives.

Here are three examples from QuickMobile’s experiences where the event planner took a sideways step off of center and used their event app in unexpected, clever ways.


The Miranda Priestly

High-level executives don’t get a break at events. They have to go to a lot of meetings with a lot of different people. Sometimes it’s hard to remember who you’re going to be talking to, and what they do. And no one likes going in to a meeting blind.

To solve that problem, this event planner combined their event app’s attendee profiles with executives’ in-app schedules. The schedule let executives quickly see when and where their next meetings were, and they could update or reference it right off their phone.

But the highlight of this solution was that each appointment linked to the profile of the person the executive was meeting with. Each profile had a short biography with basic information, including job title, name, and company—but more importantly, a photo of the person.

This meant that executives had a simple and secure way to manage their schedules, and didn’t have to waste time trying to research who they were about to meet with.

That’s even better than having Anne Hathaway whisper people’s names in your ear.


The Pop Quiz

Most events will have an attendee survey at some point—it’s good to know what people are thinking about your event. But the same event app function that lets you ask what attendees thought of the catering can be used to check in and see if they are responding to sessions and to content.

Although not necessarily a ‘pop quiz’ (no one likes pop quizzes), one event planner introduced the survey function to speakers and presenters, so that they could add quizzes to their presentations.

But the set-up of a survey isn’t based on right or wrong answers. This took the pressure of getting the right answer off of attendees, and turned quizzes into learning moments.

Speakers put up a question, allowed attendees to select an answer through their event app, and then let the results load on screen. The answers were anonymous, but the audience could see which ones got the most responses. This opened the perfect avenue for speakers to discuss the results, allowing them to address attendees’ questions and clarify their understanding.

Who says tests can’t be creative?


The Superhero

You can’t prepare for everything that might happen at an event, but that doesn’t mean you can’t respond. Sometimes, you need to respond fast.

This event planner suddenly needed to make sure all their attendees were safe and accounted for, as quickly as possible. After discussing the problem with their customer success manger, who was also providing tech support, the two of them decided to use the check-in feature of the event app.

First sending out push notifications to all attendees, the event planner asked everyone to use the event app to check-in, as they had at the beginning of the event. Attendees also had the option of sending a message to the event planner if they needed assistance. The check-in function had been updated by the support team, and allowed attendees to demonstrate to the event planner that they weren’t in trouble—and luckily, no one was.

Although the event app was not set up for an emergency like this, the quick response by both the event planner and the support team was able to make sure that the attendees were safe and accounted for.

It’s impossible to be ready for anything, but the ability to respond quickly makes all the difference—in brightest day or blackest night.


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