Creative Ways Meeting Planners Used Event Spaces

4 Real-Life Examples of Event Spaces

From the speakers to the food, there is a lot that goes into an event to contribute to its success. While there are many factors that make an event successful, perhaps the most important one is the event space.

Choosing the right event space can make or break your event. Here are 4 examples of how event planners have utilized an event space to their advantage:


1. Unbounce CTA Conference

The Unbounce CTA Conference was held at a theatre, as opposed to the usual convention center. This worked well for the one-track conference as the tiered seating made the stage very visible from anywhere in the room.

A unique thing about the event space was that it had a large outdoor courtyard in the middle of the venue. Because this event was in the summer, it is almost guaranteed to have nice weather than can accommodate outdoor seating. The outdoor courtyard is where Unbounce served lunch… in the form of food trucks! Five or six of the city’s most popular food trucks pulled up into the courtyard to serve lunch. There were a variety of options to include attendees with any dietary need or restriction, and the outdoor picnic tables made for great lunching and networking opportunities.


2. C3 Organic Marketing Conference

The C3 Organic Marketing Conference, put on by Conductor, was also at a theatre in the heart of New York City. What makes this theatre special is it is also home to the musical, Jersey Boys! Because of this, the Jersey Boys made a special appearance after the first keynote speaker to sing a number from the show. After that, one of the singers continued to emcee the rest of the event. Hosting the conference at a theatre and incorporating some of the theatre actors into the event made it unique and interesting.

The theatre also had three stages, so the event planner made each stage a different track. This made it very easy to follow along and stay on the track that was most interesting to you, or switch it up and go to multiple sessions in various tracks.


3. CMI Content Marketing World

The event space at CMI’s Content Marketing World was huge. There were 20-minute breaks between sessions because the venue was so large, it took that long to get from room to room.

In addition to the event space being quite large, Content Marketing World also had a massive exhibition hall. The exhibition hall was organized in a similar way to a tradeshow or fair. They made great use out of the space by including so many different exhibitors and organizing them by categories to make it easy for attendees to find the booths most important to them.

To further fill the event space, Content Marketing World had several lounges set up throughout the venue. Many attendees could take a break and charge their laptops or phones.


4. MozCon

MozCon, like the CTA Conference, was a one-track conference. The event space was the top floor of a convention center with one presentation area. Because the conference was one track, the sessions and keynotes were held on the same stage. To make the most out of this event space for their attendees, MozCon set up rows of tables complete with Ethernet cables for laptops to guarantee a solid WiFi connection.

As someone who likes to take notes during conferences, this set up was great for me! MozCon did a great job of utilizing the space and making room for as many desk as possible to allow their attendees to comfortably take notes or work on their laptops.


How you use your event space can directly impact the overall success of your event. The above 4 examples are great ways meeting planners utilized an event space in creative ways. For more information on how to select an event space, click here.