How to Choose the Event App Features Attendees will Love

Creating an event app that your attendees will fall head over heels for requires some careful planning and attention. Every attendee goes to an event with a list of goals in mind and to give him or her the best experience possible, your app needs to be the tool that will help them achieve their objectives.

With the right mix of features and content, your event app can help your attendees have an amazing time at your conference and meet all their goals for your event.

But what are those goals that attendees are trying to achieve? They could be anything from ‘learn a new thing’ to ‘find a solution to do my job better’ to ‘make 5 connections that will introduce new business to my company’.

According to Meeting Architecture, these reasons can be mostly grouped together under three main objectives:


Attendees go to events to gain new industry knowledge and discover new ways to innovate.

Example app features that help with this goal: Schedule, My Schedule (personal itinerary builder), Speaker profiles


Events and conferences provide attendees with plenty of opportunities to meet new business contacts, industry experts and their peers.

Example app features that help with this goal: Attendee list, Messaging, Like-minded matchmaking


The energy and community at an event inspires attendees to continue and succeed within their chosen profession or industry.

Example app features that help with this goal: Session Q&A, Live Polling, My Documents (houses digital handouts, slides, etc)

As you build out your event app strategy, keeps these goals in mind to make it easier for you to choose the right features for your app. The more that it can help your attendees, the more value they will find in using it.

Remember that your app should strike a careful balance between what you need to achieve (i.e. high participation rates, monetization, etc) and what your attendees are trying to get out of your event. This way you can ensure all your stakeholders see positive ROI from your app.

Download this free resource Building an Event App your Attendees Will Love to see a list of some standard app features that facilitate learning, networking and motivation for your attendees.


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