The Benefits of Event Apps at Enterprise Meetings

Every year the typical enterprise holds hundreds of gatherings of varying size and purpose. According to Verizon’s white paper Meetings in America, employees can spend as much as 37% of their time in meetings. Nearly everyone who was surveyed agreed that meetings are a great opportunity to contribute. This makes enterprise meetings one of the best opportunities for employees to engage with the enterprise—and there are many technologies available to help.

Between social networking apps, messaging platforms and productivity apps, mobile technology is already an integral part of a new age workspace where we rely on various technologies to enhance performance.

A fully branded meeting app that is aligned to the company’s objectives can play a powerful role in making enterprise meetings a success, whether it is an incentive trip, sales conference, or an employee onboarding event.

How do event apps bring value to the table?


Real Time Communication

Event apps offer a channel for real time communication with the audience, served up on a platform they already rely on for almost everything—a mobile device.


Creating Engaged Participants

Features such as polling or surveys enable the organizers to turn passive listeners into engaged participants.


Empowers Planners

Meeting apps empower planners to respond to audience sentiment and preferences by providing rich analytics and behavior graphs.


Hassle-Free Attendee Experience

From a participant’s perspective, event apps provide quick access to important information—schedule, venue, handouts and more—in a single place, in addition to providing networking opportunities.

Event apps can invigorate any type of meeting where people come together to learn, connect, and network. With the help of a strong, secure, and flexible multi-event app platform, deploying an event app is easier than ever.