App Analytics: Your Key to Proving Event ROI

There’s an old boardroom cliché that says 50 percent of every dollar spent on marketing and advertising actually works, only we don’t always know which 50%.

As a career marketing professional, I can attest first-hand to the stress this causes. Not a week goes by without our Chief Marketing Officer asking the team to prove the value in what we’re doing. I think you as an event professional can relate.

We all know meetings and events deliver real meaning and value to attendees, sponsors, speakers, exhibitors and owners. Why else would trade shows typically account for 20% of most B2B marketing budgets, according to a recent Forrester Research report? The author goes on about the ‘love-hate relationship’ around events that companies struggle with: wanting to create that precious face-to-face experience, but sometimes struggling to justify the expense. If this blog had eyes, it would probably see you nodding in agreement.

Prove it

“Show me that your event/meeting/conference/trade show/symposium/etc. moved the needle. Show me its impact on our organization.”

These are scary requests, no matter how skilled you are with numbers and spreadsheets. That’s because most events lack anything beyond the most fundamental statistics to help you make your case. You can show that registration was up 10% over last year, or you had a 15% increase in exhibitors, or maybe you received a 4.5/5 rating from exit surveys (completed by maybe 2% of your attendees). But going any deeper requires a Herculean effort well beyond our usual means.

That is, unless you have a mobile event app.

Your event app: The best evidence you’ll ever have

A good event app comes with a massive and highly detailed record of virtually every aspect of your attendees’ behavior at your event built right in. There is simply no better proxy than a mobile app for how people spent their time at your event and what they thought of it.

As we noted in a previous post, your app’s analytics platform not only gives you data on the effectiveness and ROI of your mobile app, but also on how different parts of your event and strategy did as well.

Watch this video to learn more, and consider these 6 critical elements you can measure through your event app’s data:

1. Session participation and engagement: Event app analytics will tell you precisely how attendees participated in the various sessions and activities at your event. For example, you can see how many attendees viewed session details in the app and how many checked in. You can also measure how many questions were submitted using the Session Q&A, and participation rates in discussion boards, surveys and polls.

2. Networking activity: Track how many in-app connections are made between attendees and between attendees and exhibitors; see how many how many in-app messages were sent and how many one-on-one meetings were set up.

3. Speaker impact: Want to know which speakers to invite back, and who not to? Don’t rely on anecdotal evidence; instead, measure how many people visited each speaker’s profile page.

4. Exhibitor traffic: Track who added which exhibitors to their personal favorites list, how many people viewed their profile page and saved their downloadable content. You can also use the app to enable exhibitors to capture contact information and then measure how many were captured.

5. Social influence: See who’s most active on in-app message boards, photo galleries and social media, and understand what they’re saying and to whom

6. Most valuable content: Find out which in-app content your attendees consume the most – and the least.

For a full list of the top insights revealed by QuickMobile’s event app analytics, click here.

So the next time you’re lying awake wondering if your event was a success and how you’ll prove it, just ask your event app. All the answers will be right there at your fingertips.