An Event Planner’s Christmas

Based on the poem 'A Visit from St. Nicholas'

‘Twas the night before Christmas
And all through the meeting
Not an attendee was complaining
Not even about seating.


The Attendees they nestled
All snug in their sessions
While the speakers were vesseled
in learning, making impressions.


The planners in green rooms were done with their dread
When at the door a staffer poked in their head.
“Then presenter is missing, he seems to have flown
out of the city, and our problems have grown!”


The planner she stood, to her feet she leapt!
She grabbed her phone and to the corner she crept
She dialed a number she hoped not to know
and with her CSM, a solution did sow!


Her friend the CSM did fill her with elation
He said, “we will use a push notification!”
With relief in her eyes and a solution in hand
Our planner did evoke this subtle command.


This message the attendees did quickly receive
Our planner therefore had no reason to grieve.
With Wi-Fi and technology ’twas all set to rights
She went home well-rested and enjoyed Christmas night.


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