7 Ways Multi-Event Apps Wow Attendees

According to Verizon’s Meetings in America white paper, there are 11 million business meetings held each day in the US alone, gobbling up as much as 37% of employee time. (I guess I shouldn’t complain as much as I do here at QuickMobile because thankfully I don’t spend nearly that much time in meetings here.)

But before we conclude that people are spending too much time in meetings, consider some of the other findings from the research behind this paper:

  • 46% said they attend more meetings today than they did one year ago, with an equal amount saying they attend the same number of meetings as last year.
  • An overwhelming majority of meeting attendees (92%) value meetings as providing an opportunity to contribute, suggesting that successful meetings may be a contributing factor to employee job satisfaction.
  • 66% said their meetings are Very or Extremely Productive.
  • Most busy professionals (89%) believe that technology will make meetings easier in the future.

A mobile event app is a powerful tool for enhancing productivity, encouraging participation, and leveraging technology to lower costs while shaking up the traditional meeting M.O. If it works for your large annual event, then it can also work for all the other meetings that you run. And it’s easier than you think, thanks to the flexibility and self-serve ease of use of a multi-event app platform.

Here are seven ways a multi-event app adds value:

1. Scale

There is no limit to the number of event apps you can create and control through a multi-event platform. In fact, you can even share the platform with others across your organization, equipping them to create and manage apps whenever they need.

2. Speed

With your multi-event master app installed on all your attendees’ devices, you can roll out individual meeting or event apps in less than 30 minutes. And you won’t have to wait for the app store to approve your submission.

3. Flexibility

From big trade shows to small department meetings, every event is different. Your multi-event platform enables you to equip each app with the branding, functionality and security you need to address each event’s unique requirements.

4. Save money

With a multi-event platform in place, you’ll save thousands of dollars on printing, and you’ll save thousands of dollars on app development by not having to start from scratch with each new event.

5. Enhance sustainability

Going paperless not only helps you reduce costs, it also helps your organization reduce its environmental impact. Now that’s a win-win, and something the United Nations Global Compact would be proud of.

6. Defend and promote your brand

Your multi-event master app is a perpetual extension of your brand, helping you maintain visibility in the digital workspace, while ensuring that all your meetings and events conform to your brand standards. And you retain the flexibility you need to ensure each individual event app can adopt its own style within the established parameters of your brand.

7. Security

Your multi-event platform lets you control who can see and download individual event apps, ensuring that only invited attendees have access. If you need, you can enforce specific login requirements and control access to functions within each app for added security. Of course, you can also create ‘public’ apps that anyone with your master app can access.

But as much as you might believe, it’s not all about you. Your attendees will appreciate having to install only one app on their devices, rather than a new app for each and every meeting they attend. And they’ll appreciate the personalized service they get from only seeing the apps that they need. This will help them keep event content well organized and always on topic.