7 Useful App Features For Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Conventions

This post originally appeared on the CBI Scene Blog.

With an increasing shift towards environmental awareness and the norm of mobile technology users among these health experts, many pharma and medical meeting planners are shifting their contents digitally to eliminate the use of paper. With a mobile event app, health professionals can obtain the most up-to-date event information, connect with each other all year-round and tailor their event experience – all from a device that fits in the palm of their hands.

Last year, one of the biggest pharma and biotech conventions, Pharma Forum, utilized an event app to deliver content, networking and more to their attendees. This year’s app is going to better than ever. Its interactive features and user-friendly design will provide an exciting onsite experience for all Forum attendees.

With this in mind, here are 7 useful event app features for pharmaceutical and biotechnology conventions (watch for many of them in the 2014 Pharma Forum app!):

1. Keep up to date with Activity Feed

The Activity Feed displays an in-app announcement board, featuring pre-defined and organic content. Streams of posts such as approved user contributed images, details on sessions that are about to start, what’s being said on Twitter, and other announcements are displayed in chronological order. This is a great way for app users to stay informed on important news and event updates during the event.

2. Stay on Schedule

The schedule feature is an integral part of the mobile event app as it’s where you’ll find information on sessions, workshops, seminars and more. You can also access session handouts, surveys and session Q&A options from here.

Event organizers can pre-populate the sessions for each attendee prior to the event. Alternatively, the attendees can also create their own personal timetables via the app and all of the selected sessions will appear under the My Schedule icon.

For conferences and events with Session Tracks, meeting planners can configure their mobile apps so that categorized sessions appear within each Track. Through this feature, the attendees can browse the available sessions for the entire event.

3. Connections made easy

Event apps are the perfect networking tools for attendees. The in-app messaging feature allows health experts from various fields to communicate with each other before, during and after the event. They can also use the apps’ FaceTime feature to send meeting invites and schedule one-on-one’s with each other.

Meeting organizers can also use the app to connect with their attendees. Using either in-app messages or push notifications, organizers can quickly share new event updates, session changes, and other important announcements with all attendees at once.

4. Get feedback through Polls and Surveys

In-app polls and surveys increase audience engagement and discussions during the sessions. Using these tools, speakers can enhance their sessions and receive feedback on a certain discussed topic instantly. For example, attendees can answer poll questions and the speaker can share the results live on the large projector during their session. By making surveys available via the app, event organizers can get instant feedback from attendees and action on that information so they can improve the event while it’s still going on.

5. Enhance learning with Documents

A great way for the speakers to share paperless session handouts is via the Documents feature. Research findings, event details, and any presentation collateral can be posted, categorized, and linked to the appropriate event sessions. Furthermore, attendees can save any documents of their choice under a personal Briefcase feature.

6. Integrate the Social Media community

The popularity of social media has grown significantly in the past few years. By integrating social media networks like Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn, through the mobile event app, attendees and event planners can share event highlights with the rest of the online world.

7. Fun and Gamification

Integrating games into your mobile event app can increase attendee engagement in a more exciting way. Event planners can encourage attendees to explore the event venue, meet new people, complete learning-oriented tasks, and much more. By participating in the game activities, each app user can earn points and individuals with the highest scores can potentially get rewarded. Be sure to start with a good game strategy though!