6 Video Strategies for Rocking Your Event Apps

Sometimes a picture can say a thousand words – and sometimes video can do the exact same thing a thousand times better.

Event profs have embraced video throughout the entire life cycle of their events, using it in their pre-promotion strategy, to engage attendees during their show, and to recap all the excitement post-event.

With event apps set to take over in 2014, it seems appropriate to explore how you can use this technology to take advantage of video as well. Let us count the ways:

1. Teaser videos

Instead of keeping your event promotion videos strictly online, give them a new home in your event app. This is especially powerful if you release your app a few weeks or months before your event. Every time you release a new video, upload it to your app and send attendees a notification so they know it’s available. This is a great way to get your attendees excited about the show.

2. Welcome video

A nice way to connect with your attendees is through a welcome video that plays the first time they open your event app. Get your keynote speaker to star in the video and have them tell attendees about some of the great things that will happen during the conference. One of our clients even used their welcome video to quickly educate attendees about the app, using humor and some green screen fun to keep it interesting.

3. How-to guides

Some attendees may need more than one quick video to learn how to use your app, especially if it’s their first time using this kind of technology. This was the situation that the United Nations Global Compact faced at this year’s annual Leaders Summit, which brought together a diverse group of CEO’s, senior management and young professionals from Global Compact companies.

To help their attendees, they created a series of short how-to videos that they played at their opening reception and made available within the app so they could be accessed at any time. Here’s one about using the app’s social features:

4. Daily news digests

Many event planners create video dailies to visually recap each day of their show. (check out this example from IMEX America 2013). Upload these videos to your app, so attendees can easily keep updated on the latest news from the conference floor.

5. Gamified videos

Gamification is a hot trend right now, so why not make videos a part of all the fun? This works especially well for training events. You can create a series of videos that educate staff on things like new products or sales techniques and assign points for each video watched. Your attendees will power through these videos in no time as they try to beat each other on the leaderboard!

6. Interviews

Use your app as another distribution channel to share insightful video interviews of speakers and sponsors. Another great way to engage attendees is to make them the subject of your interview. You can ask them what their favorite conference moment is or which speaker they can’t wait to hear. They may appreciate their 15 seconds of fame so much that they’ll share it like wildfire.

What’s your favorite way to use video for your events and conferences? Tweet them to us – we’d love to know!