6 Habits of Successful Event Profs

It’s no secret event profs have a tough job. It takes a lot of patience, organization and perseverance to be successful in this role. Beyond that, however, are 6 essentials habits event profs pick up to be successful.


1. Plan and set goals

Successful event profs begin their day by setting goals for themselves for that day and planning how to achieve them. Because of the busy nature of the job, tight timeline and strict deadlines to get things done, successful event profs only take on tasks during the day that directly relate to the goals they are trying to accomplish. Anything outside of the goals is a no-go, as it will suck it up valuable time.


2. Roll with the punches

Things often change during the event planning process, and unforeseen circumstances almost always occur. Planning an event doesn’t always go smoothly. For example, your caterers could cancel, or your venue could flood last minute and you need to change the entire event program in a moments notice. Because of all these variables, it’s important for event profs to be able to adapt to change and deal with issues calmly in order to be successful.


3. Set time aside for yourself

Successful event profs know that making time for themselves is an important habit to have. Not having any downtime during the day is an easy way to burn out so successful event profs take small breaks throughout the day to regroup. Whether it be breaking for coffee with a friend, taking a long bath before bed or fitting in a quick workout, event profs know how to make ‘me’ time even at their busiest. Which brings us to the next point….


4. Make time for exercise

We all know the benefits exercise has on our overall mental and physical health. That’s why successful event profs always ensure they have time for exercise, even if it’s just a quick home workout. Working out is a great way to soothe stress. It also gets your blood pumping and helps you refocus on the task at hand. Getting into the habit of exercising is key to staying calm, cool and collected in the otherwise hectic events industry.


5. Define and stick to boundaries

Saying no often gets a bad rep. But event profs know that saying no and being able to define boundaries for themselves is vital for being successful in this role. Often, things come up during the day that absolutely needs to get done. However, just as often little things come up that don’t necessarily need to be done right away and take time away from the big picture goals.


6. Stay motivated

Event profs seem to have a never ending to do list. But productive and successful event profs always stay motivated to get everything done. They know what the task at hand is, and why they need to do it, waking up early to seize the day and get rolling on tasks. In addition, they keep tabs on what’s important, such as the budget.
Event profs know what it takes to be effective, productive and successful. Adopting these 6 habits will make you a better event professional. Do you have any interesting habits I missed? Comment below or tweet us at @QuickMobile. For more practical tips and tricks event planners can use, subscribe to our blog.


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