5 Ways Event Apps WOW Attendees

There are approximately 1.8 million meetings per year in the United States alone. With so many events likely occurring in one day, it becomes all too easy for your event to get lost in all the noise.

If you want your event to stand out from the crowd, your focus must be on delivering an innovative experience that makes attendees jaws drop. One way to achieve this is with event apps that are feature-rich and help transform everyday meetings and events into unforgettable experiences.

But how exactly do mobile event apps achieve this? How can something as simple as software on a smartphone or tablet excite your attendees?

There are countless ways event apps leave a lasting impression, but we’ve narrowed the list down to five:

1. It can be about fun and games

Yes, event apps are a great way to replace printed show guides, but that doesn’t mean it needs to be filled with just event information and session content. An in-app game adds another level of excitement to your event experience. Attendees can compete against each other for prizes, discounts or even just the top spot on your leaderboard.

Your app developer can work with you to create a game that will really resonate with your audience. Whether it’s a trivia-based game for knowledge lovers or a game that encourages attendees to network, the possibilities are endless.

2. Puts innovation at your attendees fingertips

It’s become the new norm for people to expect the convenience of technology wherever they go and in whatever they do. Technology is everywhere, all the time. The staggering fact that 91% of smartphone owners say their device is within arm’s length either always or most of the time shows just how deeply technology is embedded into our lives.

An event app not only meets your attendee’s craving to be plugged in, but it also offers them an exciting and new way to interact with your event. Couple that with the fact that you’re giving them instant access to dynamic content, messaging and social networking, and you’ve pretty much put the equivalent of event technology nirvana in the palm of your attendees hands.

3. Creates more personal experiences

The best events are the ones that we make a personal connection with. We perceive events that allow us to create the experience that we want as being more sincere and exciting than a generic, “out-of-the-box” kind of event. With a mobile event app, you can help your attendees have the tailored experience that is most interesting and relevant to them.

QuickMobile event apps, for example, make it easy for attendees to create a personalized schedule, customize messaging and privacy settings, save their favorite documents, network with like-minded attendees, and more.

4. More effective networking opportunities

Simply put, attendees go to events to meet other attendees. Event apps are powerful tools that attendees can use to build stronger connections not just during the event, but before and after, too. So, how does this work?

In one scenario, an attendee – let’s call him Joe – downloads your event app. Every QuickMobile app comes with a list of registered attendees that Joe can use to plan out who he’d like to meet. He can then use the in-app messaging platform to start talking to these attendees and invite them to meet during your event. Once they’ve met, he can use the app to keep up the rapport and continue building these relationships long after the event closing remarks.

So, whether your attendees are networking for business or personal reasons, you can amaze them with how simple it is for them to achieve their networking goals with your event app.

5. Makes it easy for their voices to be heard

Whether attendees are too intimidated to ask a speaker a question or run out of time to ask, you can help your attendees share their burning questions and opinions with an event app. Features like live polling, surveys and social media integration make it easy for them to be heard.

Your attendees will love that they can ask questions in the surveys and have speakers respond to them via the app. Speakers can even dazzle your attendees by incorporating responses from in-app live polls in their presentations. Social networks like Twitter and Facebook provide a familiar and fun way for attendees to give feedback.

Since event apps provide continuous interaction amongst attendees, speakers and event organizers, the key is to ultimately take your attendees feedback and turn it into actions that help you improve your event as it’s going on, thus ensuring that you can deliver an out of this world experience that your attendees will never forget.