5 Event App Examples from Different Organizations

How 5 Different Event Apps Succeeded in Winning Over Attendees

QuickMobile has done so many events, and so many event apps, that we thought it would be interesting to review 5 event app examples that we’ve encountered in past years. Here’s how each unique mobile event app (powered by QuickMobile) helped these organizations overcome the event’s specific challenges:

Event App Example 1: Catering to Hosted buyers for IMEX Frankfurt

The challenge: Creating an event app for the largest International Meeting Exchange (IMEX) event ever, connecting 9000 attendees with 4000 hosted buyers and managing 53,000 one-to-one appointments – while delivering a personalized experience to each type of attendee.

The Solution: The IMEX app was not only designed to provide educational materials and event-guide resources, it also enabled buyers to easily book meetings with exhibitors and for exhibitors to track meeting results with buyers. In fact, app content was made available to attendees based on login credentials, ensuring that each type of attendee was only provided content and functionality that was relevant to them. Exhibitor booth teams were also provided with a ‘team space’ where each team member could view and manage the entire team’s meeting schedules and make adjustments on the fly.

Event App Example 2: Tools for meeting management professionals at Pharma Forum

The Challenge: Giving hundreds of meeting management professionals a tool that motivated them to participate and helped them accomplish all of their objectives at the largest life sciences meetings event of the year.

The Solution: With so many competing priorities, capturing the hearts and minds of meeting management professionals at the busiest event of the year was no simple task. To connect buyers with suppliers, Pharma Forum introduced a mobile game that encouraged attendees to compete head-to-head to win prizes, rewarding users each time they exchanged contacts, checked-in at sessions or exhibitor booths, or tweeted about the event. The app integrated with Elite Meetings FaceTime appointment scheduler software to facilitate the scheduling and management of meetings and also included a contact exchange feature to facilitate networking.

Event App Example 3: Guided adoption for retired persons at the AARP Life@50+ National Event & Expo

The Challenge: Encouraging 14,000 members of the American Association of Retired Persons (most of which are non-tech-savvy users) to adopt the mobile event app and use it to achieve the event’s learning objectives of getting to know “Real Possibilities.”

The Solution: Achieving the event objectives required a mobile app that was not only user-friendly, but provided incentives for attendees to use it. To accomplish this, AARP created a mobile scavenger hunt, requiring users to scan QR codes throughout the event to compete for prizes. The app transformed the event, creating a friendly competitive environment and encouraging attendees to use their devices to perform tasks that many attendees would not normally do.

Event App Example 4: Recognizing sales teams at Comcast Elite recognition event

The Challenge: Providing a mobile app that recognized top sales performers of the year and motivated them to actively participate in the incentive trip sessions and activities.

The Solution: Comcast created an app that reinforced the recognition of top performers by providing them with full details on the incentive trip schedule of events, meals, gatherings, activities, excursions as well as the resort property. Sales staff were motivated to compete for prizes in a mobile app game, encouraging them to network, participate and engage through social media, check-ins, contact exchange and sharing content.

Event App Example 5: Supporting senior executives at an ESPN executive planning session

The Challenge: Introducing a mobile conference app to enable 70 top ESPN executives to set strategic priorities for the coming year.

The Solution: The ESPN Executive Planning Session app focused on improving collaboration at the conference through polling and surveys. Live polls during sessions generated instant feedback from executives, helping to create a more dynamic and collaborative environment at the conference. Results from the polls were immediately shared for discussion and review, helping executives to better understand company challenges and set the agenda for further discussion.


Event Apps and you

The right event app should support your event’s goals, strategies, and audiences. These event app examples present some great use cases that demonstrate just how flexible and fitted an event app can be. By starting off with a solid strategy, you can establish a baseline of your event tech needs and work with your event app vendors to design an app that is fitted perfectly to your event.