4 Points for Personalized Mobile Agendas

Why personalized schedules are pivotal to mobile apps for conferences

The standard lament of every conference attendee: Too many people to meet, too many break-out sessions to attend, and too many exhibit booths to stroll by in too little time.

So how do you – the event planner – look like a hero?

By helping your guests maximize their conference experience and improve individual productivity by providing the option of a personalized conference schedule on their mobile devices. It may sound too simplistic at first blush, but it is a far more effective feature for your attendees than you might think.

Mobile apps for conferences should always offer a personalized schedule because:

  1. It helps attendees organize their plans for the conference in a far more effective manner than having to constantly shuffle through the full event schedule, or scribbling times and conference rooms on a separate sheet of paper.
  2. Unlike when event guides were on paper, circling or physically marking the guide with a pen is not possible. A personalized schedule accomplishes the same kind of need to mark favorite session choices in advance.
  3. The personalized schedules on mobile apps for conferences allow people to put together a strategic plan for their day and avoid being overwhelmed with deciding on the fly which sessions, receptions, and meetings to attend. This leaves them feeling like they maximized the conference experience and received a better return on their investments.
  4. It simply makes sense to attendees. People are accustomed to using a daily schedule or task list, and a personalized calendar on a mobile conference app mirrors that experience