3 Event Tech Headaches Every Event Planner Dreads

How an Event App can Solve these Event Tech Headaches

Event planners are under crazy amounts of pressure before, during and right after an event. In an ideal world, everything during the event planning process and the event itself will run smoothly with no glitches. But we know that isn’t always the case. Sometimes issues arise, causing major headaches — specifically with event tech.

Below are three common event tech headaches, and how an event app can solve them:

Headache 1 – Learning new technology

Almost everyone has had to adopt new technology at some point. Learning new tech can be an onerous task, especially for an organization and their stakeholders. It takes time, money, and effort to learn the new technology, its capabilities, constant upgrades, and to understand its worth. For an event planner, the stakes are even higher, with many planners needing to learn new event tech on the fly and not even time to do it.


With our easy-to-use platform, you can make updates to schedules, add attendees, and easily make any changes thrown your way on the fly! We’ll provide you with basic app training, and our 24/7-support team can walk you through anything, ensuring you are never alone.

Headache 2 – Utilizing the event app to its full capabilities

“At the moment, many planners have a Mercedes Benz of an event app, but they are driving it like a golf cart” (Thomson, 2014).

With over 50 exciting features to add to your event app, the choices can be intimidating. And often, event planners are under a time constraint making it difficult to learn which features will be best. This may cause event planners to neglect their app, making it an afterthought.


We offer Premium Services, which enables our team of highly skilled customer success managers to learn about your event, goals, and attendees, then provide you with top-notch advice on how to configure and customize your app features to cater to your specific audience’s needs.

Headache 3 – Issues with WiFi connectivity

Food, water, clothing, and shelter are the basic needs for survival…or so we’ve been told. It wouldn’t be a stretch to add WiFi to the list…we know you just nodded in agreement! One of the best parts about a QuickMobile event app is that the majority of the features can still function without WiFi. So if the network goes down (which is all too common at a conference), all is not lost.


Because content is downloaded into the app, almost all of the features will still work without a WiFi connection once the app is on a device. In case of poor connectivity, rest assured that your attendees can still perform vital functions like view their schedule, take notes, check out the gallery, read documents, and much more.

Solve Event Tech Headaches with QuickMobile

Having an event app and the support of the QuickMobile team can easily and seamlessly solve these three event tech headaches, ensuring your next event runs smoother than ever.

What are some event tech headaches you’ve experienced, and how did you deal with them? Share with us by commenting below, or tweeting us at @Quickmobile. To discover how an event app can help mitigate your event tech headaches, request a personalized demo with one of our product experts.