A better experience for your attendees, more successful meetings for you

Scalable from 1 to 1,000 events and beyond, MobileEvent offers a wide range of configurable components that help you captivate, motivate and inspire your attendees like never before.

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For a single event

The perfect companion for today's mobile audience.

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For multiple events

Create and deploy unique mobile apps for as many events, meetings and conferences as you need.

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The QuickMobile Platform

Got a mouse? That's pretty much all you'll need to create and manage your very own event app

  • Choose from more than 30 popular modules to create and configure your own unique event app
  • Load any type of content you want: PDFs, slide shows, images, videos and more
  • Include exhibitor material, floor maps, agendas, speaker bio's and presentations
  • Speaker profiles and presentations

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Gain deep insight into your event

MobileEvent's powerful analytics give you audience insights to continuously adapt and improve

Understand how your attendees use your app, from high-level summaries to individual details:

  • Mobile platforms
  • Component usage
  • Session/speaker popularity
  • Measure the impact of your content

Reveal the true impact of your event, share with your team, and impress your boss!