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November 14th, 2012 / Vancouver, BC - Canada

First Multi-Event Mobile Meeting App Technology for Enterprise Environments

SnapApp™ Empowers Organizations to Quickly Create and Deploy Their Own Secure, Branded, Custom Apps for All Events

Although paper-based program guides only started being replaced with mobile applications a few years ago, mobile event application software leader QuickMobile has again leaped ahead of competitors in this fast-growing market with an innovative product. QuickMobile today announced SnapApp, a “self-serve” technology that gives enterprise customers an easy-to-use way to quickly create and distribute an unlimited number of customizable, feature-rich, branded event apps at a fraction of the time and cost of developing them individually. These savings are on top of the huge reductions — in expense and environmental impact — resulting from using mobile technology rather than paper.

According to Chris Marsh, principal analyst, enterprise mobility, Yankee Group, “SnapApp is a great example of how mobile technology is transforming enterprises and it further positions QuickMobile as an industry innovator in this space.”

SnapApp is aimed at progressive enterprises – whether corporations, large organizations or even hotel chains – that understand the well-documented benefits of intelligently designed mobile event applications and hold many events each year. QuickMobile’s technology is in contrast to solutions from other multi-event application vendors that offer inflexible templates or unbranded apps without customization, or apps that must be downloaded from an app store each time. SnapApp is the only product delivering a secure, scalable and customizable solution for all of a company’s meetings and events.

The new SnapApp technology starts with a single, branded master application created by QuickMobile for each customer, which can draw from more than 30 components representing a wide range of features. Next, event planners or other non-technical employees in a company use QuickMobile’s QuickStart™ content management system to easily select the desired features, presentation theme and mobile platforms, producing a custom event app in minutes that can easily have content updated and changed later. Finally, attendees securely download the branded master app only once and unlock each new event from inside the master app. With SnapApp, companies can quickly create enterprise-wide mobile applications that are made to order and meet the objectives of each meeting or event.

Compelling, Successful Events

SnapApp helps companies create a more memorable, engaging experience for meeting attendees, which can last far beyond the actual meetings. Networking with other attendees is encouraged through built-in messaging systems and social networks, presenters and exhibitors can collaborate through content-sharing and surveys, and attendees can interact with event planners and organizers, vendors and sponsors through games and mobile commerce.

QuickMobile’s new SnapApp technology for multiple events is an evolution of its popular MobileEvent™ product for single events. Since launching its first mobile app in 2008, the company has had blistering growth. QuickMobile has quickly expanded its customer base, in particular, among large, successful corporations, and is now serving more than 25 of the Fortune 100 companies.

According to QuickMobile President and CEO Patrick Payne, “Enterprise mobility is today’s most disruptive technology, with the capability of reshaping key corporate functions. Many of our clients are trying to solve the problem of rolling out mobile event apps across their entire organization. Now, every department within the enterprise wants a mobile event app for their meetings but issues such as scalability, cost, branding, flexibility, security, privacy, analytics and overall enterprise distribution continue to inhibit wide spread adoption – all of these issues have now been addressed with SnapApp. To really leverage mobile technology, enterprises must have an immersive, irresistible mobile app that their employees can’t work without. Our approach has been to work intimately with our customers, our solutions have evolved to continually address their changing needs, whatever they may be.”

One App, Unlimited Events

Meeting customer imperatives was an initial catalyst for the new SnapApp technology, which first emerged as a “wish-list” capability requested by QuickMobile customers that wanted an advanced solution for creating multiple event apps. After developing the first version, QuickMobile has been working with three key beta customers, a multinational food and beverage conglomerate, a large American hotel and resort chain and one of the world’s biggest tire companies.

Since each of these beta customers holds approximately 500 events a year, “SnapApp represents large potential savings in time and money,” according to Payne. “Our master app includes all the bells and whistles needed for any event that a company wants to put on throughout the year while requiring a minimum of effort to create unique events that are then accessed through that master app.”

Availability, Pricing

SnapApp is available now. Because it begins as a custom solution, license and service fees are negotiated with each customer.

About QuickMobile

QuickMobile is transforming meetings and events with mobile apps that engage and delight audiences. QuickMobile's event app platform creates an always-on communication channel that allows event owners to increase attendee participation, build loyalty and generate revenue through richer experiences. By fully leveraging the capabilities of QuickMobile's mobile and social solutions, customers can extend events into yearlong conversations and build lasting relationships with their audiences. QuickMobile's head office is located in Vancouver, Canada.

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